Tattooed White Infidel B-Roll Director Manhandles Imam at New Zealand Mosque Shooting Hoax!

Since WHEN is it OK to put your hands on any religious figure, let alone a tattooed white infidel manhandling the Imam in the New Zealand Mosque Shooting HOAX?

When you are the B-Roll Director, that’s when! Or maybe even the star of the show? Could it be that we are actually looking at the “shooter” manhandling the Imam?

And it sounds like this, “Ok folks! Sell, Sell, Sell the shooting!  C’mon!  Sell it!!!”

Meanwhile this deeply religious Imam has to look on at two middle-aged gay men.

There is so much bullshit being sold in this photo, and meanwhile there’s police emergency tape already up, not crime scene tape, yet no police, no emergency services personnel, and no trauma personnel.

Just a couple of gay men, some women in public with no face coverings, and a tattooed white infidel with his hands on the Imam who has the blood of his congregation on him, or more like the blood from the bottle the short little Imam in black is holding.

Because, after all, we all know Islam is the religion of tolerance!

This is just absolutely silly if you are paying attention.

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