Barry Soetoro


Enemy Of The State

As an academic and producer, I have no interest in taking credit where none is due. This channel is simply a catch-all account for sharing the best information I have come across. All information in shared under Fair Use for Education Purposes only. Please advise as to production credit and links for any video, and […]

IMS Reporting

The group is most notable for producing the controversial documentary, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.” That gave rise to a very clear campaign by the establishment media and individuals to censor the documentary and stifle public debate about its subject and other controversies. From the start, IMS has reported on criminal conspiracies and […]

Jason Cruz Unleashed

Hi, I’m Jason Cruz, author of The Flight from Feminism and Female Privilege: Post-Feminism Emancipation for Men, a Candid Look in the Mirror for Women, and I am tired of The Disintegration of Western Culture (another book in progress), tired of being Ruled by the Rich (same), and tired of living in the Age of […]