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Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor Makes FIVE Appearances

This woman must be the luckiest person alive to survive so many shooting hoaxes and all their big booms and people running. Please contact us if you can identify this woman.

Aurora Theater James Holmes Hoax

Props to the producer of this censored work.

Sandy Hook Sloppy Sniper

Sandy Hook FAKE SNIPER dives behind a car — then RUNS AWAY on ABCNEWS! Watch Hollywood actor, David Wheeler, DIVE for cover — ducking ABCNEWS on the SCHOOL DRIVEWAY! David Wheeler played 2 roles in the Newtown CT “school shooting.” Wheeler role #1 was SLOPPY SNIPER (Fake FBI Sniper) with NO FIREARMS TRAINING. Wheeler role […]

Sandy Hook GAME OVER: 100% Hoax

Video is journalist “Barry Soetoro” interviewed by Jim Fetzer.

Sandy Hook Propagandists are Child Abusers

There is a disturbing trend taking place right now on YouTube. It involves children making videos about the Sandy Hook event. These children appear to be receiving a second dose of trauma. We’ve been collecting the videos, hoping to find the thread that connects them to a deliberate campaign. It does seem to be an […]

Sandy Hook and The Boston Bombing – You’re Being Hoodwinked

An analysis of the connections between Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’. Both of these incidents become very revealing examples of government fabrication and manipulation of the ‘news’. Induction of corporate controlled media into the circle of government control, has made corporate media into a shameless vehicle for attempting to control the thoughts of […]

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

“We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” is like no other Sandy Hook documentary. The closest match in terms of the depths to which it delves is the PBS documentary, “Raising Adam Lanza.” The many videos independently produced and mostly found on YouTube are meaningful when taken as a whole, but none individually are as […]