Texas Uvalde School Shooting HOAX “Parents”

Everything you need to know the Texas school shooting is a hoax is found right here. There are so many problems with this video I don’t even know where to start. This was clearly another drill that they then took “live”. These people signed up to participate in a drill, and were given a script, “This is your daughter, this is her name, this is where she goes to school, there has been a shooting, you need to find her.” And how do we know this? Well, let’s do a little forensic work just like the police. Police will watch video 100s of times to discern Truth. So, let’s do the same.

Problems with the narrative in the video:

  • Do these “parents” look like they have a 10-year-old daughter, or more like a 10-year-old granddaughter? Does that woman look like she had a daughter just 10 years ago, or more like 30 years ago?
  • The photo the “mother” shows is the exact same photo spread by mainstream media.
  • Does the “daughter” in the photo look like she is 10, or more like 12?
  • The mother refers to her daughter as “the daughter”, unmistakably. This illustrates the script and role-playing, and no mother would ever refer to her daughter as “the daughter” especially in a time of crisis.
  • The father struggles to spell his last name as if for the first time, instead of the millionth.
  • The father mumbles some absolute gibberish when asked about how he learned of the shooting, something like his daughter called her…
  • The father names the daughter as Amber Guadalupe Rodriguez, but mainstream media has named her Annabelle. Which is it, Annabelle or Amber? Is Amber ever short for Annabelle?
  • How on Earth is it possible that the parents don’t know what grade “the daughter” is in?
  • Do these parents look like the hysterical parents of a daughter missing in a school shooting?
  • Are both parents of 10-year-old children usually available during the day, or are they at work? Who is generally available during the day, retired folks?
  • Do we see or hear any hysteria in the background, or does the background appear to be mundane and unremarkable?
  • Is there any evidence in this video that a massacre of schoolchildren has taken place?
  • Does the reporter sound stressed by the horror of a despicable act, or just calm and routine?
  • Do these people look like they are in on it? They know this is about to be frontpage news everywhere? Or do they just look like some regular folks that signed up to participate in a drill and are completely unawares that they are actually pawns being used in a gun control fraud scheme that is about to make international headline news?

Instead of solving the numerous problems that have taken hold of the U.S. since Brandon’s “election”, this is what the Democrat party has to offer us- more phony shootings.

We have a clear inflation problem, debt problem, deficit problem, money-printing problem, border crisis, loss of manufacturing, energy dependence, under attack by Godless scumbag globalists who know best, housing being bought up by BlackRock, farmland being bought up by Gates, more than a dozen food processing plants mysteriously destroyed in the last year, phony Covid and Monkeypox hysteria, schools under attack by Marxist ideology, wacko Alphabet types encouraging young children to come out as trans and then bragging about it on social media, a war brewing between plain old folks and school boards instituting Critical Race Theory and mask mandates against their wishes, and now we have men getting pregnant on top of everything else.

And through all of that the Democrats believe the pressing need is to disarm us by any means possible, including fraud.

Our nation is at such a treacherous juncture that the absolute last thing we should ever do is give up our guns, in fact we ought to be stocking up on guns, ammunition, food, water, energy, basics.

Personally I think I’m going to pick up this new SA Hellion and a whole lot of ammo as retribution for the FRAUD committed against us and this despicable attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Indeed, if we struck all of the phony shootings from the public record, what would be left?

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  1. Did you know Salvador Ramos attended Uvalde High School, which participated in a mass shooting exercise just two months before he massacred 19 children.. Now check this out!!! Veteran teacher, 44 who was killed in Texas elementary school massacre that left 19 children dead: Her cop husband held active shooting drill at nearby High School two months ago. I knew the day before this bs shooting that these tyrant politicians was planning a false flag.

    1. Did you notice how the woman ( actor mom) in this video knew what the reporter was going to ask before she asked the question for picture of child. Then actor mom was bringing the picture up of daughter before the journalist asked for picture. Definitely scripted.

  2. The reporter says we’ll start with the easy questions, “what’s your name” … Second question, “how do you spell it?” Mr Rodriquez, “damn, they got hard quick…” TOTAL HOAX!!!

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