New Zealand Mosque Shooting HOAX Livestream

The most damning piece of evidence has to be the clearly planted gun cartridge as he enters the building.  It is unmistakable, clearly there before he arrives, then he returns to pick it up and use it.

Still, ask yourself why you don’t see the concrete or drywall wall explode with the gun pointed and firing directly at the wall, or any bullet holes for that matter, how there can already be a gun magazine on the floor when he enters, how the windows don’t explode with gunfire (and don’t say they were open because the people would have jumped out), or how the curtains don’t even move with a hail of bullets fired in their direction.

He leaves his trunk open.  The couple on the sidewalk don’t flinch or make a sound, and indeed are directly in front of the entrance to the mosque, and certainly dark-skinned, and they don’t react, and he doesn’t fire at them.

But hey, after all those phony attacks by Muslims, what can you expect?

Well, you can expect another phony shooting, this time directed at Muslims, that’s what.

There are major problems with this video, starting with the fact that walls, windows, windshields, bodies and heads EXPLODE when hit by a hail of gunfire.

At one point he is firing directly at windows, and yet we don’t hear any glass shattering crashes, or see the windows explode, or even see the curtains move.

Another time he is firing directly at either a concrete, plaster or drywall, and the wall doesn’t explode into a cloud of white dust, magically nothing happens, there aren’t even any bullet holes. Why? Because he is firing blanks.

Bodies literally EXPLODE when hit by high velocity rounds, yet we don’t see any spray, or even any blood.

THERE WOULD BE SO MUCH ABSOLUTE CARNAGE FROM SUCH AN ASSAULT, blood sprayed and pooled EVERYWHERE, glass shattered everywhere, bullet holes everywhere, white dust from the exploded walls, smoke from the gun, and yet there is NOTHING. If you don’t believe me on what such a scene looks like, start looking for videos from Mexican cartels where shooting inside is featured.

Since hosting this video my site has been under an all-out assault.  They are trying to hack the site, and running DDOS to interrupt normal function.

Why would there be such a concerted effort to silence this video?

Because they want the STORY to stand, and it can’t with simple cursory analysis of this video.

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  1. 1. you can see he dropped the magazine (not cartridge) at 7:05, check when it wasnt there on the floor before and it was after
    2. he never fired any shots at the walls or windows
    3. he’s not parked in harlem he can leave his trunk open in an empty alleyway for 7 mins without getting his guns robbed
    4. the couple who saw him only saw him for a second before he turned away, there’s literally nothing suspicious about them not flinching, 1 second?, nobody would react different to a man walkin on the street carrying a 1 meter stick in his hands, maybe they suspected something was wrong like 5 seconds later and maybe they called the fucking cops and gtfo, + they live in new zealand, probably have never heard of any mass shootings so why would they instantly assume they’ve been approached by a terrorist about to kill some niggers, this is not suspicious at all
    5. he didn’t shoot them because he was gonna shoot up a mosque not pedestrians + if he started shooting outside the mosque parking lot already then everyone inside the mosque would have gtfo before he got there which is strategically retarded anyway
    6. walls, windshields, bodies, and heads do NOT always explode when shot by an ar15 + when you see the rounds in the mag they’re clearly not blanks, they’re not rubber either + even on 240p or whatever shit quality this is you can see the bodies and heads smack and band back when getting hit, + they’re all laying on the floor or ground so you cant see any exit hole explosion
    7. i dont remember seeing him shoot any windows, but he did shoot his windshield, however those like i said do NOT explode at all when shot, windshields are specifically made to not shatter when they’re hit or penetrated, BUT he did shoot the passenger window too, which in fact DID shatter into a million pieces instantly, like its supposed to, unlike the windshield you were complaining about

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t have posted the video if I wasn’t certain it was a hoax. The Imams clearly have red water splashed on them, not blood, and one is carrying a bottle with red liquid. The other B roll footage from inside the 2nd mosque is just silly, people sitting around waving their hands, waiting for the sign from the director. The tattooed infidel director is caught with his hand on the black Imam, an absolute no-no. The cartridge is clearly on the floor 2m in front of the “shooter” as he enters. Bodies absolutely explode by way of such powerful ammunition, indeed the police can tell a lot about where the shooter was, where the victim was, etc., by blood spray. We don’t see ANY blood spray, none whatsoever. While the “shooter” isn’t firing at windows and walls per se, he manages to never hit any walls or windows? This while firing rather wildly down the hall, etc.? Kiwis KNOW this was a fraud as do most people who have their eyes open. Absolutely SHAMEFUL to yet again blame a FRAUD on a white man, guns, radical right wing groups, etc. Despite your daily DDoS attacks on Uncensored originating out of NZ and AU, Uncensored isn’t going anywhere. In fact, you clowns did me a favor in chasing the site out of GoDaddy, it forced me to find a long-term solution and begin preparing for an even better solution, Android app, etc.

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