Buffalo HOAX Live “Shooting”

This is better made than the NZ hoax, but it is still a hoax. At first I thought it was real, but the telltale signs are always there. At the 6:33 mark (the same moment as the video still image) he has reloaded and pointed the gun directly at someone’s head on the ground and fired from 1m away. There is absolutely no blood spray and you can even see a paper on the floor move from the gust of air from the blank shell. If you have ever watched a real high-powered shooting, even from far away, the carnage is messy. He would have absolutely blown that person’s head off from that distance, there would be a concave hole the size of a softball, brain material everywhere, and the blood spray would have been prolific, and especially obvious against the white floor. Indeed police regularly use blood spray trajectory to solve crimes. Instead we see a paper blowing in the wind, a bit like our Apollo moon flag. Yet again this is what the Liberals have to offer Americans- phony shootings that immediately push agendas while further dividing us. Just disgusting. Rest assured, TOTAL HOAX.

EDIT: I had to think about this some more, but when you know a little about blanks, the different types and how they work, it makes more sense. This was very carefully scripted including the count and type of blanks. He gets out of the car and immediately shoots several people from just a few meters away. These were blanks with no wad, and the gun was very carefully cleaned and inspected by seasoned firearms experts such that there was no debris or fragments in the barrel, and these shot counts were very carefully scripted. Then he fires four more shots at the window. These shots included a paper, wood or plastic wad (see link) that broke the glass, but would disintegrate on impact and do no real damage beyond that. These blanks were probably also hand pressed with just enough gun powder for a bang, and nothing more. Furthermore, our biggest piece of evidence of fraud is clearly the headshot, and there is something else that has bothered me about the headshot, and that is the eye covering perfectly placed on somebody who is alleged to have been violently thrown to the ground. This eye covering is probably lead and clearly to protect her eyes from any blast debris, think of a grain of sand being shot at 700mph, and the blast of air itself which alone could injure her eyes.

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  1. I can assure you that is 100% real. Actual people that I know were shot with indisputable proof. Every mass shooting is not a hoax to whom ever posted this. Las Vegas wasn’t either as I had a friend at the show that I’ve known for years and she saw people and took videos of it. I know people believe in hoaxes because they’re either trying to make sense of what happened, or that fact you think you know something that others do not. In which you think you’re smarter then the masses but you are not. If you’re going to dispute the video you should be someone who can tell that it is digitally edited and back it up. Stop saying I saw this at this time and this at this time, if it were a government hoax they would never be sloppy.

    1. By the very fact that you bring up Vegas tells me your agenda here, because Vegas is a KNOWN fraud. There are so many problems with the Vegas bullshit story that they can’t even be counted. I studied Vegas video footage AT LENGTH, and only then determined it to be a fraud. #1 – Absolutely ZERO muzzle flash from the window in the night sky, this with an alleged 1000 bullets fired. #2 – People standing around pointing with their hands in their pockets, not running for their lives shitting their pants. #3 – The sound of the audio came from the speakers, and there were clearly multiple rifles being fired simultaneously. #4 – NO BAND, only one singer on stage, a singer that is known to have a band, and not known for doing shows alone with a backing track of a band. #5 – Video of people laughing and smiling, still holding their beers. That you even mention Vegas tells me all I need to know. And to your last point, who said anything about the government running the show? Even so, the New Zealand Christchurch shooting was as sloppy as they come, no broken glass, no blood, no exploded walls, a planted gun magazine on the floor 2m in front of him as he enters, and that was run by that toothy broad in charge to round up as many weapons as possible in advance of her lockdown with the bullshit Covaids plandemic. I’m out of your league, pal.

      1. nah, the government would never be so sloppy, that’s why with 9-11 the BBC reported tower 7 has just fallen at 5:00 p.m. when it would fall at 5:25. with the VA on-air shooting hoax the shooting started at 6:45 a.m., time of first tweet about the event, 6:34 a.m.. in every event like this there is always the “my friend was there” crowd. maybe you work for the gubment.

  2. As far as the fact you’re going on about how entry and exit wounds are you are off by a mile. Depending upon n the caliber of the bullet and the angle of the wound, it’s not just going to be half blown heads off and blood everywhere.

    1. Just like the phony NZ Christchurch mosque shooting, we don’t see ANY blood. ZERO. You don’t need a degree in forensic science to notice the giant absence of blood. TOTAL HOAX.

  3. I’ve met plenty of people like you , there is no point in arguing with you. I’m not going to put my best efforts into breaking it down and arguing with you. I only read the bottom of, “I’m out of your league pal”, and that’s enough for me to know you’re basically saying you can tell this all from a video. I don’t know what’s so hard about there being sick individuals with an agenda that poisoned them. Do I think the cia and government influence these people on forums trying to lure them out? Yes I do. Do I think sandy hook was the most shady of them all? Absolutely I do. Until you can provide hard evidence that it’s a hoax with factual proof, you are simply guessing and fabricating your own truth. You’re not going to change peoples opinions by simply pointing stuff out on a video. Sure ,this website is great for making sure these videos are see but you can’t just throw “hoax” in front everything you post saying you debunked this video with a paragraph out two. That’s literally retarded, do you know how many people would laugh at you? Instead of saying you’re out of my league, why don’t you convince me with overwhelming proof?

    1. You don’t seem to understand that I haven’t discredited anything, the VIDEO discredited itself and the story, and it did that in the clearest terms. There is literally ZERO blood on the floor from a direct headshot from one meter away with a high-powered rifle. Apparently you’ve never done any research at BorderlandBeat, BestGore (gone), Hoodsite, or the others that show what it really looks like when somebody gets shot. This person was not shot by a .22 rifle from 500 yards, they were shot by a high-powered, high-velocity rifle from just 1m away. You don’t seem to understand that the bullet would have travelled THROUGH their head entirely and blown the backside completely out. If you want to know what that looks like, watch the JFK shooting and see him get the entire back of his head blown off from a shot through the front. Jackie scrambles onto the trunk of the car to retrieve a portion of his skull. There would have been so much blood and mess from that shot, and instead we have a clean white floor and a white piece of paper getting just an air blast. That is absolutely undeniable, overwhelming proof of fakery. There is no blood from a direct headshot from 1m away from a high-powered rifle. TOTAL HOAX.

  4. You can literally see the ladies brain matter when he kills her against the brick wall. Play it frame by frame and you will see it. I didn’t catch it at first but it’s there.

    1. Yeah, I’ll look for that someday, in the meantime I know it was a fraud, just like Vegas, just like all those other shootings hoaxes run by Libturds that I’ve outed at Uncensored.

  5. I have to say I’m a little surprised by the lack of blood as well. In fact I see none. I’ve watched it several times and I am suspicious. The most suspicious part is when he shoots the lady on the ground in the head. Should have caused more damage than it did. Also he kind of doubles back and reloads. There should be blood starting to run out on the floor from the lady and the other person that was down. It looks real, especially when he shoots the glass before entering the store but it seems very clean for multiple people being shot up by an AR15. I smell bullshit.

    1. I think the glass was CGI. That gun would have absolutely blown that woman’s head off. Watch the JFK shooting, and that’s from 20m or so, not from 1m, and it enters the front and blows a huge chunk of the back of his head out onto the trunk of the car, which is what Jackie was trying to retrieve. Something else, notice that woman has something covering her face? Why and how could that be after being violently forced to the ground? Furthermore, the video immediately cuts off after the blank shot to the woman on the ground, probably because the people managing this knew that was clear evidence of fraud.

  6. Hello one question. Is there any way to download the video? On the one hand I usually keep these things to be able to have “my library” in case they disappear and on the other hand where I am, Argentina, the internet is so bad that it is almost impossible to watch without lag. Thank you.

  7. It’s all bollocks as usual. Crisis actors all over the place including the “police”.
    There was a drill, preceding the terror attack, as usual.
    Where are the “lost shoes”?
    It’s all about staging a crisis, to take away your guns, install martial law, so the NWO couldn’t meet any violent resistance of the sheeple.
    “Take away their guns, then you go to war”, Mao.

    Turdeau already banned guns, how stupid and complying could one be?
    If a Common Flu was enough to muzzle and jab you to eternity. What a bunch of cowards and spineless fools, Jabbed into eternity.

    1. The broader scope of Uncensored is simply to tell the Truth, set the record straight, and fight this cult of censorship in the U.S. and the West. But certainly one of the side narratives is fighting to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights. If Americans were ever disarmed it will be all over for the free world- the NWO globalist technocracy will just steamroll over the entire planet. The Leftists running these gun grab frauds are so profoundly brainwashed and self-righteous that they can’t see this Truth. Were we actually living in a functional society, meaning government was actually serving the people, the central bank was the people’s bank, mainstream media was the people’s media and told the Truth, and this went on for a century, perhaps then it might be time to discuss disarming the population. On a personal side note, what I find so utterly disgusting is the attack on men and boys inherent in these frauds, and on conservative values (the white supremacist card). The U.S. is very sick because the Left is SICK and controls mainstream media; blue hair, hatred of men, hatred of traditional women, hatred of the traditional family, everyone who isn’t like them is a racist, homophobe or TG phobe, abortion, the impossible act of changing sex, the impossible act of men getting pregnant, alphabet and pronoun people, on and on with utterly delusional and mentally ill nonsense.

    1. Are you still driving around alone in the car with a mask on? You honestly believe the fraud of Covid has something to do with climate change? You’re really that brainwashed? What does Anon even mean? Do you even know what the fuck that means? NO, you don’t. You’re just trying to broadstroke paint anyone who doesn’t think like an NPC as believing in some nefarious bullshit. YOU are the NPC, and it is YOU who believes in nonsense. You’re not one of those men that got pregnant recently, are you? Don’t you have an appointment for a booster and an abortion? You really think that we can install socialism with a privately owned central bank at the helm? Or would that basically turn everybody into a poor slave of the state that is indebted to the private bank? Get it through your head kid, you can’t get any more brainwashed than today’s modern Leftists.

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