Las Vegas Shooting Hoax – Nobody Shot, People Laughing

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  1. Here’s my eye opener on Vegas. George Stephanopoulos interviewed a guy named Mike Cronk 1 hour after the shooting and in the interview Mike Cronk said his buddy got shot three times in the chest. The shooter was 450 yards away 110 ft up in the air and hit the same target three times in the chest with a rifle with a bump stock. Impossible. That shot couldn’t be made with any rifle with any shooter. That video can be found if you look up Mike Cronk interview.

    1. Impossible. What is also entirely impossible is the absence of muzzle flash at night. This guy is firing 1000 rounds or whatever, but you can’t see it. You can actually tell from the videos the sound of two automatic rifles is coming from the speakers. You would see the shooter’s face brilliantly lit up with muzzle flash.

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