9/11 – The PentaCon – Smoking Gun Version

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  1. They were busy for months inside the Pentagon as “restoration project” in exactly the spot, where the attack would take place.
    Now why was that? In the WTC, the same scenario. All camera’s off of course and security canceled.
    What would be easier than to place a bomb inside, to blow out the walls?
    There is no video of any plane hitting, or even coming close to the Pentagon, despite that their are hundreds of cameras around and the Pentagon has it’s own anti missile system.
    The people who were experts in financial business, about the “lost billions”, were gathering in that spot, on that particular day. Evidence destroyed. But Rumsfeld was conveniently outside for a break, when the attack took place. You don’t need a plane or a guided missile to hit a particular spot at ground floor.

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