ZERO: An Investigation Into 9-11

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  1. The greatest criminals who really did it, were never arrested.
    All financial fraud was covered up and buried in the debris.
    The stolen billions of the Pentagon were never found.
    The enormous gold treasury stored in the basements of the Trade center vanished. (vapourised).
    It was moved through underground connections to another location prior to the attack.

    How easy was it, to let a plane fly by, on another day and record it, as a direct hit later staged by explosions?
    Why on earth, were the planes recorded? Who would point a camera to the top of a building, where nothing particular was happening, unless you knew something would happen in the next seconds. Or who would record by chance the second attack? How small is the chance, to just catch some fatal seconds? Unless you were an informed reporter.
    BBC told 20 minutes before it actually happened that the WT7 would collapse too, while it was visually still standing, never hit by any plane. Not by fire, nor debris.
    More buildings of that complex were heavily damaged, but not by debris, or planes. What about the enormous amount of asbestos inside the WTC, who would have protected the building against a fire? US is crowded with “safety camera’s” yet none ever recorded the other hits. The two other planes were a clear hoax. You won’t fly a plane into the basement on it’s belly. Wings vanished, engines never found? In NY a piece of the supposed engines was found straight in front of a cops shoes by a “Cohen-cident” named corner. Oh and not to forget the indestructable passports of Atta, who never flew a plain. The should use those marvelous passports for the heat shield of the space shuttle.

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