Parkland Shooting Hoax

The “shooting” in Parkland FL at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has the hallmarks of fraud such as duping delight, spectacle, and an active shooter drill taking place at the same time.

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  1. Most excellent analysis!
    SPOT ON!

    How does this site remain up, is one question…

    How is it that all the main players had their mortgages PAID OFF…..on December 25th of all days?

    Please tell me how a county recorder does this…on that day?

    Please think.

    Then know that they are organized for our destruction on a thousand year timeline with each generation simply one cog of the wheel…

    They mock us with duped delight, yesiree!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, they clearly all had their houses paid off on Christmas. How this site remains up? Determination to tell the Truth, that and moving it outside the United States.

  2. OMG!

    Intelligent life on this plain!

    Funny, my first nine years were spent in Chappaqua NY.

    I’m intuiting that Newtown is an extension of that same influence, or vice versa…..and If i were more ignorant I couldn’t cage it in any other terms than Khazarian.

    Very exciting to have been led to this site.
    I haven’t seen the blatantly obvious cogently expressed for some time now.
    Actually…never…not this direct.
    Bravo, BRAVO, BRA VOE, brave bastards!

    I need to absorb lot more to catch up.
    I don’t feel confident that I could explain it to another just yet. Soon.

    I was actually in the process of trying to determine if evidence exists that they operate in a caste system, (the gypsies being the equivalent to the untouchables of India .) because it brings much more into focus when viewed thru that lens….when I landed here.
    Gift horse.

    Speaking of same, is uncensored tube a collective effort that accepts financial support?
    I can find no links.

    Or is it individual ?

    Very excited to see folks here I’ve been missing for years.

    My penultimate goal is to prove my father’s demise was directly connected to the forces that created operation paperclip and then mkultra through which he was recruited/directed into the psychiatric field. Black Vault stuff.
    Any familiarity?

    It’s a badgerhole, I’d welcome rabbits.


    Tom Watt.
    FLG az, usa

    PS. I’m so excited finding Truth that I forgot to sleep since discovery yesterday am…point being if I’m not clear, please forgive moi, but at this point I’m almost beyond caring.

    1. Great to have you. For MK Ultra, satanism and the like check out BLackchild Reuploaded, End Times Productions, Stranger Than Fiction, TheScariestMovieEver, Black Pilled, Truthstream Media, Sherry Shriner, Jay Myers Documentaries, all found on YouTube. Right now Uncensored is an individual effort, it was just launched a bit over a year ago. I worked hard to collect and preserve all of this Truth content. There are links at the bottom, one of which is Fund. I am working to streamline the process for channel creation so I can continue to attract high quality purveyors of Truth.

  3. At 13:45 Where you show the white girl smiling . This girl is telling the reporter that she was standing by the shooter at the time of the shooting . She had just came out of the class room with the so called shooter . She is smiling because she knows the story is a lie . She is not faking the smile she is smiling because she knows its a hoax . The reporter was not going along with the big news stations . This reporter was from info world and knew the story of the shooting was fake .

      1. My point is she knows the story that is being told is a big lie because she was standing by the so called shooter at the time of the so called shooting .

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