Barry Soetoro

Sandy Hook Sloppy Sniper

Sandy Hook FAKE SNIPER dives behind a car — then RUNS AWAY on ABCNEWS! Watch Hollywood actor, David Wheeler, DIVE for cover — ducking ABCNEWS on the SCHOOL DRIVEWAY! David Wheeler played 2 roles in the Newtown CT “school shooting.” Wheeler role #1 was SLOPPY SNIPER (Fake FBI Sniper) with NO FIREARMS TRAINING. Wheeler role […]

Sandy Hook GAME OVER: 100% Hoax

Video is journalist “Barry Soetoro” interviewed by Jim Fetzer. (Visited 144 times, 1 visits today)

YouTube Censorship

Coming to you from the man Barry Soetoro, who like so many others had his Truth channel censored on YouTube. (Visited 108 times, 1 visits today)