Apocalyptic Epicenter Elmhurst Hospital Queens NY

This NY Times story from March 25, 2020 is the biggest bunch of Covid hospital bullshit.

Dr. Colleen Smith, at the time of this “news” STORY, was the Associate Program Director at Elmhurst, which means she trains, coaches and mentors the medical residents on a daily basis, she is NOT an ER doctor or that would be her title, Emergency Medicine Physician. In the print edition of this story, the NY Times cites resident Ashley Bray, not Colleen Smith as found in the video. Colleen is mentioned only once in the print article, a caption below a photo.

Furthermore, for such a prestigious “news”paper, and the “Apocalyptic Epicenter!” of Covid in the U.S., would they ever in a million years interview a 27-year-old medical resident for such an important story, a recent graduate of medical school, or would they interview a seasoned veteran doctor with some cache?

Still, you don’t need to look that far to know this story is bullshit.

The truck they feature is not a refrigerated truck.

As Colleen peruses the “Covid ward” pointing out, “All these people have Covid,” you can clearly see the first patient on the left is wearing jeans and running shoes.

I’m not clear how you can be dying of Covid and ready to go for a run through Central Park.

And, of course, we have all the interior and exterior footage of exactly nobody and nothing happening.

Colleen later goes on to talk about how the hospital was short on ventilators, total bullshit that was actually refuted by Governor Cuomo, who went on film saying the city had a stockpile and the hospitals didn’t yet need them.

This is a great example of how little mainstream media needs to work to fool people, and of how little they actually think of you. You’re not worthy of the Truth.

I took Journalism as an undergrad, and the absolutely #1 takeaway from that class was to make sure you were factually correct. There is a word or phrase for this, I cannot remember right now, but one little tiny error such as printing Farmers Market instead of Farmer’s Market would cost you dearly, failing the assignment even if I recall correctly. And yet here we have the NY Times calling this woman an ER doctor when she isn’t, telling us it is a refrigerated truck when it isn’t, telling us they don’t have ventilators when they do.

My how far we have fallen in 25 years.

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