Mars Outpost Or Alien Vehicle Caught By Spirit Rover

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  1. Could be taken anywhere on earth.
    Why are planets black and white?
    Is it to avoid plants could be detected?
    Or a Coca Cola tin?
    Or is it a tank in the Ukraine?

    1. Yeah, it’s from a particular Mars photo, Sol something number, I don’t remember right now. It’s Mars. And the reason it’s black and white is to try to wash out any proof of the alien civilization that lives there, but every now and then they let one slip through.

  2. How could you know, that it’s Mars? There is nothing to identify the planet.
    They have been staging this events in the Gobi desert, or on Iceland, Tierra Del Fuego, Hollywood, or other remote and obscure locations.
    Perhaps even in someones backyard.
    Think that it’s as suspicious as the “Moonlanding”.
    I’m not convinced, that it’s on Mars, because NASA said so.

    1. I agree that we can’t just believe what they tell us. They have used this little tiny island in northern Canada for training, and I remember seeing one Mars photo that clearly had a walrus skeleton and husks.

  3. That last one made my day. Laughing.
    If I critically watch the video it seems as if they have been using a background projection.
    They did that also at the Moonlanding hoax. The change in the landscape is obvious and sharp outlined too.
    Think they colored that scene a bit to stage the “Red Planet”.
    But there is rough terrain and terrain ware a lot of stones or rock structures are visible.
    Could as well be plants, but the black and white is camouflaging any identification.
    Wonder why on Mars, that hardly has any atmosphere, certainly not clouds, no stars are visible?
    Well since the atmosphere is only some 1% of ours and mainly CO2 (that “dangerous” gas we have to zero, to “save our planet”)
    Pictures of Mars are mostly red colored, all fake.
    The photo’s without a red filter are quite “normal”, which is even more suspicious, since it can’t possibly be the same as on earth, because of the obvious lack of atmosphere.

  4. I may be wrong, but as you take the bottom line and a little upward to the edge of the “background”, it looks like water.
    There is a typical difference between the front and the further away background and the middle “colored” projection.
    This could have been taken at a beach. The sharp structure of the top of the “waves” is very different from the rest of the “landscape”.
    If it were sand dunes, why is the rest different shaped?
    No “stones” are visible, where the “waves” occur.
    It’s fake.
    A high resolution image, as you may expect from a multi-million camera project, could produce at least a better and full color picture.
    It’s blurred. Perhaps they forgot to wipe the lens, like in the Moonlanding hoax.

    1. Yes, I can show you other pictures of what is clearly water on “Mars”. Which, obviously we know the photos may or may not be of Mars, but in either case I am pretty sure water exists on Mars. If you remember, NASA came out a few years ago and said there might be ‘briny’ water on Mars, this was after people kept noticing what looked like water in the photos. Also, I did some research on the MRO vehicle carrying the $700M HiRISE camera. The MRO is orbited at 300km out from the surface, but given what we have been told about Mar’s gravity, the vehicle could safely be distanced at as little as 100km out. Even at a safer 150km out, that is still half the distance now. I have saved most of the MRO HiRISE images across the cloud, and the Truth lies within. Likewise, the ESA produced enormous images of Mars, like 120mb, and the Truth lies within those photos as well, and a little Photoshop experience. One of these days I’m going to get around to exposing what I know to be true about Mars.

  5. I have zero trust in NASA. All pictures are either black and white, or brownish.
    I won’t believe, that this actually is Mars. I’m convinced that on Mars also color will exist.
    The Sun is shining and why shouldn’t there be more colors? It’s a desert for sure.
    But even in a desert, you’ll find color. At least much more differences, than the clearly filtered and brushed versions as they portray it.
    They have been faking over and over again. So you won’t know, what is faked in a studio, or a desert on earth.
    Well there is a high risk, a robot camera running into trouble, on another planet and NASA cannot afford the blame to fail.
    For the same reason they totally faked the Moonlanding. It’s cheaper and most people will believe it’s the real thing.
    They don’t carry out research to entertain us. If they were there, it’s for military purposes.
    There is no way, we can explore Mars for profits, or to live there. Far to expensive and risky.
    You cannot transport humans over months in space. Medical impossible and that’s stated by a real doctor.
    There may be water, but I don’t think, it will be visible. If there was, there would have been clouds too.
    Since they are capable, to even read your cars license number from satellites, why don’t they have better ones about Mars or the Moon?
    Russia has produced pictures of the Earth in a very high resolution and it looks totally different from the NASA ones.
    Despite High technology, none ever found the remains of the Moon landing cardboard models. As we have to believe.
    The first step on the Moon, may still be visible. But they “lost the knowledge” to do it again. What a hoax of crap load it was.
    The most important step in history “was lost”. Stanley Kubrick “died”.
    If there is water, there also would be plants and some life.

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