Red Ice TV – Google- The Monster That Has To Be Destroyed

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  1. All you have to do is, avoid using Google, or any of it’s clones.
    They will go down the drain by lack of income.
    Gates is a tyrant. The NWO is also global tyranny.
    You’re not allowed to tell the truth.
    But they are allowed to lie, stage and cheat, censor and ban anyone.
    Spreading fake news.
    In the Orwellian World everything is turned upside down, so the “Ministry of Truth” is spitting lies.
    The “Ministry of Health”, is spreading sickness and death, false information, forcing lock downs and quackcines.
    The “Ministry of Peace” is creating wars.
    The truth is the lie and the lie is the truth.
    Any opposition is muzzled and suppressed.

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