Sandy Hook GAME OVER: 100% Hoax

Video is journalist “Barry Soetoro” interviewed by Jim Fetzer.

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  1. Thank you for your video, I would first like to comment about David Wheeler, aka Sloppy Sniper. First of all, I doubt the FBI would give this flaky actor a loaded gun, but even more importantly SWAT Teams are a very tight group of people, they train together constantly and have to trust each other with their lives, so they definitely would notice if there was a stranger in the group. So the FBI knew he was not one of their people, and allowed a stranger to participate with them, which is a violation of protocol. Also falsifying a police report is a felony, and if they get caught, they will lose their right to own guns, this is a serous crime! I want to give you a link to another video that shows your buddy David Wheeler playing the same role as the Sloppy Sniper during the San Bernardino shooting, you can see him at the minute 13:43 mark here:

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