We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

“We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” is like no other Sandy Hook documentary. The closest match in terms of the depths to which it delves is the PBS documentary, “Raising Adam Lanza.” The many videos independently produced and mostly found on YouTube are meaningful when taken as a whole, but none individually are as ground-breaking. What IMS has done is to push beyond the barrier that separates the independent producers of this type of content and the automatic acceptance enjoyed by main-stream news sources. “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” was produced pseudonymously by the independent YouTube channels, MrStosh314, TyrannyNewsNetwork, QKUltra, Free Radio Revolution, UpNorthOfThe49th, Professor Doom1, Odinrok, Swan Song, Sherrie QuestioningAll & Sandy Hook Research (aka Names Not Mary). IMS appears poised to continue gaining the attention of the public and hopes to soon learn the answer to the question, “do conspiracy theorists outnumber normals.”

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    1. JennyGirl, thanks for joining. My site is under a sustained attack from all directions. I had enough sense to contract Sucuri Firewall for the site, and it has paid serious dividends. My list of daily attacks is unbelievable. Furthermore, before I had tweaked the lockout rules, somebody tried to login as me like 360+ times. They finally gave up as I’m not stupid and my password isn’t P@ssword or some other ridiculousness. They have also successfully got my videos removed from Archive.org, this after YouTube, then Vimeo, then DailyMotion. DM didn’t even send me an email, my account was just simply deleted, made me wonder if it was an inside job, but then again I had some French hoaxes, and DM is French. Not to worry, I still have the content backed up in like 7 locations, and I’m working to connect the site to a content delivery network that is located outside the West. IF that fails I am going to go deep, I was just pricing a Web server, about $70k with options. These people are DESPERATE to maintain their terrible dark secret, especially the Sandy Hook Fraudsters. Keep up the fight. Jason

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