Calling All False Flag Hoax Whistleblowers!

We are looking for former law enforcement and other credentialed individuals who are sick of the lies being perpetrated on their fellow Americans and the world, and who can document video evidence of their involvement in these frauds, and provide extensive filmed testimony to the fraud.
If you can establish clear factual video evidence of your involvement in The Great Sandy Hook Fraud, and provide extensive testimony to the fraud, there is $100,000 awaiting.  You will need to travel outside the United States and meet with a team of Truth warriors to provide testimony.  You will sign a legally binding agreement that your testimony is True.  You will be safe, and you will be treated respectfully.  Following your filmed testimony, you will have a 30 day window before publication.
We are also offering money for smoking gun evidence of these frauds- Orlando Pulse Nightclub, Boston Bombing, Manchester Bombing, Paris Attacks, Las Vegas, Parkland, Santa Fe, Nice France, and any other high-profile hoax for which you can document your involvement in and provide testimony to the fraud.
I want the organization named and the key people identified- names, ages, occupations, hometowns, everything.  The contempt I feel for these self-righteous fraudsters is barely mitigated by my sanity.
Can you expressly prove mainstream media cooperation?  It is obvious this is taking place on a broad scale across all networks, including FOX.  If you can prove that mainstream media sources were keyed into any of these frauds from the onset please contact us.
In the image below you can clearly see the sheriff cannot contain his duping delight, this just moments before Dr. Wayne Carver concludes this presser by speaking directly to the news reporters, “I hope this doesn’t come down on the heads of the people of Sandy Hook,” in effect fully acknowledging the press corps’ complicity and complacency in the fraud.
If you can help document these staged shooting hoax media frauds, we need to talk.  Please use the Contact Us form.
Some more duping delight from a clearly agitated coroner.

This looks to be an adolescent, with an obvious smirk.  Using adolescents in staged media frauds qualifies as child abuse.

Another obvious adolescent with clear duping delight, a CT Sheriff in front of her.

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