Mainstream Media Stooges Wall of Shame

This is the wall of shame for mainstream media stooges- misleaders and mountebanks passing hoaxes off as real.
I encourage the viewership to research these individuals, consume their work, and email, mail and phone these individuals to inform them of Truth, and the false or misleading information they promulgate.
Remember, these are husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, and they may well be unaware of the deceit that which they propagate.  Just because they work in mainstream media doesn’t mean they have ever used their eyes.
Please DO NOT threaten these individuals, or harass them in their home or workplace.
Instead we need to campaign to inform them that we know better and deserve better, and that they need to know better, that they deserve better, and that they need to demand Truth in their employment place.
Please help keep this list updated, and help stick facts in the faces behind mainstream media until we have changed this disgraceful culture of mainstream media fraud.
Media Stooges
Name Organization Email Web
Alden Woods Arizona Republic
Angela Dewan CNN London
Marina Fang Huffington Post
Melissa Jeltsen Huffington Post
Matt Ferner Huffington Post
Anna Gorman
Barbara Demick LA Times
John Bacon USA Today
Amy B. Wang Washington Post
Allyson Chiu Washington Post
Tracy Jan Washington Post
Kristine Phillips Washington Post
Cleve Wootson Washington Post
Elizabeth Williamson New York Times
Michael Barbaro New York Times
Brooke Binkowski

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